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Summer is coming!

We've got something that will certainly get your BBQ all fired up. You can get yourself some great deals on BBQ Charcoal at

Why isn't wood as good as charcoal for your BBQ?

Lumpwood BBQ Charcoal is better for barbecues as it gives off much less smoke when it burns. This will help to keep your guest happy! Secondly BBQ Charcoal is a lot cheaper, almost half the price per kilo. Finally BBQ Charcoal is a more compact fuel making it easier to move.

Why have a BBQ?

Having a BBQ could be lots of fun. Getting all the right elements is key. Good food and good company are important, closely followed by the right barbecue equipment and fuel. If your having a BBQ there is nothing better than BBQ Charcoal for the job.

What if the weathers bad?

If the weathers bad this can sadly mean that you will have to wait to use your new BBQ Charcoal. But don't worry, Logs direct has you covered even if the weather is a washout. Why not gather the family and sit round a nice log fire?

Logs Direct are one of the UK leading BBQ Charcoal Suppliers. Get Free Delivery on all purchases to anywhere in the UK. Take a look at their wide range of fuels for home and business. Call us on 01524 812476 (Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm) 0845 520 3333 (after 5 & weekends)